NSW CPD Masterclass: Sustainability & Management of OCs

NSW CPD Masterclass: Sustainability & Management of OCs
Masterclasses: interactive and topical sessions, incorporating personal experience and insights from both Strata Managers and Industry Experts.

CPD Allocation: 1 Hour
CPD Class: 1 & 2
CPD Category: Elective - General


Class 1 & Class 2 Agents

Topic Overview:

  • Why does sustainability matter?
  • What does sustainability mean in a strata scheme?
  • Who is responsible for sustainability?

Learning Outcomes:

  • Attendees will understand that sustainability ensures all resources are finite-economic, societal, and environmental
  • Understand resources used now should not compromise future generations
  • Identify & implement reduction in energy and materials
  • Demonstrate financial benefits to the strata scheme


  • Facilitated by, Olivera Ferguson, Strata Plus
  • Panellist, Sara Rathborne, NABERS
  • Panellist, Brent Clarke, Wattblock, Sustainability Winner 2018
  • Panellist, Gary Sharma, National Facilities Management
7/30/2020 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
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