NSW On-Demand Webinar: Government Grants

Date/Time: This is an On-Demand (Recorded) Webinar, available to be purchased and completed at your convenience.
Location: SCA e-Learning Platform

CPD Category: Elective
Licence Class: Class 1 & Class 2
CPD Learning Area: Property Transaction Legal requirements
CPD Allocation: 1 Hour

Topic Overview:

  • Why do governments have grants schemes?
  • Where can a Strata Manager go to find out what grants are currently available to strata schemes?
  • How to quickly assess if a strata scheme is eligible to apply for a grant
  • What is involved in a grant application process?
  • How can a strata manager be of assistance to their OCs in this process?
  • What are grants committee looking for in a grant application?
  • Grants that are currently available to strata schemes
  • Obligations on owners’ committees after a grant is awarded

  • Learning Outcomes:
    Attendees will have a clear understanding of where to go in order to access the latest information on available government grants; how to assess if any of their schemes may be eligible and; how to confidently assist an Owners Committee through the grant application process.

    Presented by:
    Kristie Pike, Bright & Duggan
    Christine Byrne, Green Strata

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    3/23/2020 9:00 AM - 3/22/2021 12:00 PM

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